Instagram Mass DM Promotion

Instagram Mass DM Promotion

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Instagram Direct Message Advertising Service is a new innovative way of promoting your Instagram Account/Personal Brand. It's perfect for small or large influencers and e-commerce stores. If you want to grow Your Instagram Account/Business fast and get real converting customers this is the best solution available today!

Service Requirements

Your Username

Username of your Instagram account that you want to promote with Instagram DMs

Usernames whose followers you want to DM

Usernames of Instagram accounts whose followers we will send Instagram direct messages to (e.g. if you order 20.000 direct messages, make sure the account(s) has twice that number of 20k total)

Important: Make sure to select the targeted accounts carefully with your desired audience

Direct Message Text

Your direct message text that you want to send to the followers of the selected accounts


Usernames: kyliejenner, kyliecosmetics

DM Text: Hello, my company @username would like to work with you! Please give us a follow and DM

Client Results